This Online Blended Learning system has been approved by the Nautical Institute - London during the pandemic Covid 19. This system scheme is as follows:

  1. You will undergo a DP Knowledge for Technical Staff Course (Online course) for 3 (three) working days starting at 09.00-17.00 Local Time. Ensure you have a fairly good and stable network and we will create paid account zoom for you (if any change platform the administrator will inform you). On completion of the three days training you will be issued a letter by the training centre, that you have attended an online three days course which is part of the blended DP Knowledge for Technical Staff Course.
  2. As the situation permit, you will have to attend two days of class in the training centre to complete the practical part of the training and attend and online exam conducted by the nautical Institute.
  3. On successfully passing the online exam (by the Nautical Institute), you will be issued the course completion certificate. For your information, we provide payment relief with a scheme:
  4. 80 % of 1st.payment (before DP Induction online course)+ Air courier fee
  5. 20 % of 2nd. payment (Performed prior to 2 (two) days of physical training at Azureus Training Center.

Posted in Promotion on Oct 10, 2020