This Online Blended Learning system has been approved by the Nautical Institute - London during the pandemic Covid 19. This system scheme is as follows:

  1. You will undergo a DP Online course for 3 (three) working days starting at 09.00-17.00 Local Time. Ensure you have a fairly good and stable network and we will create paid account zoom for you (if any change platform the administrator will inform you)
  2. After completing the 3 (three) working days course - we will send to you the Nautical Institute DP Logbook (which temporary have not signed and stamped yet) along with a ' Original Letter from the Azureus Training center stated that you have participated in the DP Induction course (those documents will send via air courier)
  3. Then ,you can use the DP LogBook on a vessel to begin completing the ''DP Familiarisation Task.''
  4. After the complete 60 days Sea time / Pandemic / Lockdown ends, you are asked to attend the training center (Azureus Offshore Training Center) to take part in 2 (two) working days of Training + NI Online Exam.
  5. Then the Training Center will Officially sign your DP Logbook, while you passed the online exam. We suggested that better you attend a training Centre at once to take the DP Simulator Course as well.

For your information, we provide payment relief with a scheme:

  1. 80 % of 1st.payment (before DP Induction online course)+ Air courier fee
  2. 20 % of 2nd. payment (Performed prior to 2 (two) days of physical training at Azureus Training Center.

Posted in Promotion on Oct 10, 2020