Shuttle Tanker Class B


This course is designed to meet the requirements of Nautical Institute certification scheme for DP operators for shuttle tankers. In the NI scheme it is known as “Course B”. This course concentrates on shuttle tanker specific behaviour and includes a range of offshore loading installation types.


This course aims at imparting simulator assisted training to candidates joining shuttle tankers. The exercises and discussion modules are specific to shuttle tankers. Course also aims to provide knowledge about offshore loading operations, approach zones, safe interaction with control authorities, hose connection and emergency disconnections. The objectives of the course are following:

  • To understand the offshore loading environment.
  • Communication protocols.
  • FSOG
  • To achieve skills in DP, Joystick and manual handling of vessels.
  • DP procedures as per FSOG and their intent.
  • Appreciate weather scenario in comparison to vessels capability.
  • Proper usage of position reference system.
  • Emergency shut down and telemetry system.


The assessment is done in two parts. First part consists of objective multiple choice questions. The questions are related to offshore loading scenario in order to ensure that candidates possess the basic concepts of offshore loading using DP mode. A sample questionnaire is appended to this manual. The second part of assessment is Practical Assessment done on a Students Evaluation Form while the candidates do the last exercise on day 5. The criteria of assessment are indicated to the candidates during briefing of the exercise. A sample Evaluation Form is appended to this manual. A copy of the completed Evaluation Form shall be given to respective students and to the relevant company in the case of sponsored students.

Admission Requirements

The course is open to candidates who are in possession of the following:

  • Certificate of Competency (STCW Regulation II/1 – II/2 – II/3 Deck)
  • DP Induction Course Certification as per the requirements Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme.
  • DP Simulator Course Certification as per the requirements of Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme.
  • A minimum of 24 days Sea Time + 2 Offshore Loading Operations.


5 days


Max 3


The course will be conducted in English.