Offshore Ship Handling


Over all aim is safe demonstrate with full knowledge and understanding of offshore vessel manual handling when in operation within normal and emergency with any particular environmental offshore conditions an optimal blended of theoretical and practical learning, safe demonstrate of knowledge and understanding offshore vessel ship handling in all conditions relevant to offshore conditions and to ensure the marine offshore Industries that the vessel operator has a formal program for deck officers receive appropriate ship handling training.


  • Predict safe maneuvering weather working conditions including in Simultaneous Operations.
  • Safe recovery person from the water.
  • Station keeping position in deteriorates weather
  • Maneuvering in jetty and emergency stop system utilization
  • Maneuvering close proximity with offshore assets
  • Planning risk assessment and task hazards


Formative assessment and theoretical.

Rules and Requirements

Rules based on more specific manual handling of specific types of vessel (Offshore) which are part of STCW 1995 amended 2010, A-II/1 and II/2 and to fulfill of the OVMSA (OCIMF) Element 5 (section 2.2) and IMCA M 149 Section 8.

Admission Requirements

  • Deck apprentices, Deck Officer STCW II/1 and II/2 (Junior Deck Officers, 3rd.Officers, 2nd. Officers and Senior Deck Officer required for Offshore Ship Handling refreshments) also Deck Officer will convert from merchant fleet to offshore vessel.


2 days


Max 4


The course will be conducted in English.