DP Emergency Ship Handling


The course will enhance the safety of navigation in confined water and in close quarter to oilfield structure to increase the O.O.W. / DPO situation awareness, risk assessment and management under different emergency situation and environmental conditions.

Learning Objectives

The aims of the course are to give the student the following:

  • Confidence to respond appropriately to major failure in the Dynamic Positioning Control systems
  • To be able to make the decision when to change to Manual control
  • An improved understanding of ship handling in the context of offshore operations
  • Experience of keeping the vessel safe through manual ship handling skills in a range of conditions


  • Formative Assessment – Assessment of students by instructor through observation during conduct of various exercises. Addressed during the de-briefing.
  • Online Assessment - This consists of NI implemented online multiple choice examination designed to allow the students to demonstrate knowledge of DP systems, operations and faults & failures. Online Assessment shall be conducted at end of the course and prior to the practical Simulator Assessment. Online assessment multiple choice Questions with 70% Pass Marks. 3 Attempts are permitted as follows:
    • 1st Attempt immediately on completion of the course.
    • 2nd Attempt – Within 96 hours of course completion.
    • 3rd Attempt – Within 6 months of course completion.
    Students unable to pass in the 3rd attempt shall have to repeat the course.
  • Practical Simulator Assessment – Each Student is required to demonstrate their competency to perform tasks listed in the time table. Practical assessment will be conducted independently for each Student at the end of the Course. Students will be allowed to undertake practical assessment only on passing the NI online examination. No re-test for practical simulator assessment. Unsuccessful students have to repeat the course.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The minimum entry requirement is that participants should hold a Deck Officer Certificate (Officer of the watch (OOW), Chief Mate or Master) or DPO qualification. Valid certificate of competency (STCW regulation II/1-II/2-II/3 Deck) issued by any recognised Flag state Administration.


The course in Azureus Offshore Training Centre will be of at least 5 days’ duration with a minimum of 32 hours’ instruction, with at least 65% of the time assigned to practical ship handling exercises using a K-Sim Class A and 35% of the theoretical .The remaining duration will be utilized for the On-Line Examination instituted by the Nautical Institute and Administrative formalities.


The course will be conducted in English.