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At the end of the course the student should have acquired knowledge of the principles of Dynamic Positioning, be able to set up a dynamic positioning system and have an understanding of the practical operation of the associated equipment, including the position reference systems The student should be able to recognize and respond to the various alarms, warning and information messages. The student should also be able to relate the DP installation to the ship system, e.g. power supply, maneuvering facility, available position reference systems and nature of work. The student should also be able to relate DP operations to the existing environmental conditions of wind, sea state, current and vessel movement.


  • Describe principles of DP
  • Describe the various elements of a DP system, including Position Reference system, sensors, power and state the requirements for redundancy including methods
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of practical operation of a DP system in various modes and use all relevant features available in exercises performed
  • Describe principle, limitations and use of position reference systems
  • Describe principle, limitations and use of sensors and ancillary equipment
  • Describe typical power and distribution arrangements in diesel electric and non-diesel electric vessels. Describe UPS systems and typical PMS system. Recognize power requirements in DP vessels
  • Describe various propulsion and thrusters system and compare them to each other
  • Describe procedures to be followed in a DP operation, including planning using vessel and field info, contingency planning, checklists, worksite approach, communication, hand over
  • Describe datum used and understand UTM coordinates
  • Describe documentation and log book requirements
  • Describe arrangements made for DP operations in specialist vessels
  • Describe hazards associated with deep and shallow water operations


An online test conducted by Nautical Intitute with minimum 70% passing grade.

Admission Requirements

The minimum qualification is set at STCW Regulation II/1 ‐ II/2 ‐ II/3 Deck, Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 – III/6 Engine and Regulation III/6 for ETOs


5 days


Max 8


The course will be conducted in English.

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